Sunday January 25, 2015 High Spots of Quartzsite

The over night low was 48F and it got up to 73F this afternoon. It was partly cloudy all day.

Watched Fox news this morning. At noon Alan and I set off to  see the high spots of Quartzsite. Cathy stayed at the motor home with Joy.

The first stop was at Holiday Palms RV Park to see the sister of Alan’s former neighbor in Seattle. We had a nice visit. They have been coming to Quartzsite for a long time and bought a park model last year. They had a 14 year old Pug named Bosley.

We then drove by the Pow Wow at the QIA and then to Readers Oasis Bookstore.

Readers Oasis

We both had our picture taken with Paul Winer the owner.

Paul and Alan    Paul & Alan

Paul and Me       Paul & Me

Paul came to Quartzsite for his daughter Celia’s health. She however died at age 8. His first store was on the west end of the Main Street and in a tent.

We then went over to Celia’s Rainbow Garden, a memorial to Paul’s daughter Celia.

Celias Rainbow Garden          Celia’s Rainbow Garden

From Celia’s Rainbow Garden we went out to La Posa South. La Posa South is one of the four BLM LVTAs and the one with water and dump stations.

We then headed to Hi Jolly’s Tomb.

Hi Jolly               Hi Jolly’s Tomb

We then went back to the motor homes to pick up Cathy and go to dinner at Silly Al’s. Alan and i had Lasagna and Cathy had Al’s Salad. Alan bought us dinner. After dinner we went back to the motor homes. On the way we stopped to see Jerry and Diane. They showed us the remodeling that they had done on their Vectra. It was really nice. They changed out the original table for a credenza and table with Corian exactly matching the existing counter tops. They also  covered the steps with Corian. Got to the motor homes and sat outside and talked for awhile. Then went in and watched Storage Wars on TV.


Saturday January 24, 2015 Alan Arrives

The over night low was 42F and the high this afternoon was 72F. It was sunny all day. Windy until near sunset.

Alan, a friend I met on an Internet RV Forum called and said he was leaving Parker, AZ. I told him to call when he got to the camp host on Plamosa Road. About 10:30AM he called from the camp host site. I drove over to meet him. On the way the Cherokee stopped charging again. When I got to the camp host site, I rode into Quartzsite with Alan so that he could fill with water. We went back to the camp host site and I picked up the Cherokee. On the way back to the motor home, the Cherokee was charging again, but quit before I got to the motor home.

After eating lunch, Cathy and I rode in to Quartzsite with Alan. Cathy shopped at Tyson Wells and Alan and I went to the Big Tent. After the Big Tent, Alan and I stopped for a beer at Beer Belly’s Adult Day Care. Smokin Joe Lonsdale, who I’ve seen at the Quartzsite Yacht Club was the entertainment.

Smokin Joe Lonsdale                 Smokin Joe Lonsdale

We drove back to the motor homes and sat outside in the nice 70F weather.

RV Travel posted a video taken from a drone flying over the Big Tent and BLM land near by.

Friday January 23, 2015 Rice Ranch and Pow Wow

It got down to 37F over night and up to 65F this afternoon. It was overcast most of the day, but cleared up about 4:00PM. After that it was a beautiful evening.

Had kind of a lazy morning. Left for Quartzsite at 2:00PM. Cathy went to the Pow Wow to check out rocks and minerals and I went to Rice Ranch.

Rice Rance is a vendor area on the east side of AZ-95 and south of I-10. There are 32 vendors.  Rice Ranch Merchants. There is also a 40 acre RV park open all year.

Rice Ranch

It even has a Barber Shop

Rice Ranch Barber Shop

After checking out Rice Ranch I went over to the Pow Wow.

Pow Wow

Cathy called and said we should get something to eat. We went to the QIA snack bar and got the vendor box lunch. The box lunch was a good deal, sandwich, potato chips, drink and two cookies. Cost was $5.00. The cookies were really good.

Box Lunch

On the way back to the motor home we stopped at Dollar General for some root beer. There was quite a line at the check out.

We stopped at Dorothy and Toto’s for kettle corn.

When we got back to the motor home we sat outside with Joy and ate kettle corn. Neighbor to the north came over and visited. He was from Washington state and had been in the area since early December. Cathy took Joy for a walk to the neighbors east of us. They had a German Shepherd who tried to kill Joy and jerked her master out of his chair. They were from Mesquite, NV.

Heated up left overs for dinner. I also set up for satellite TV. First time since Casper we have watched TV.


Thursday January 22, 2015 Quartzsite RV Show

It got down to 39F over night and was up to 64F this afternoon. Nice and sunny and not too windy. We spent some time on the Internet this morning and were getting ready to go to Quartzsite when Patrick and Janet, the WIT Central Reps came to the door. They are camped with some friends about a mile away. They invited us to a chili dinner tonight.

I made a short video walking around our camping spot.

We went into Quartzsite and went to La Mesa RV, hoping for a free lunch. They discontinued it this year. They do however, still have free breakfast. Checked out the surplus parts at La Mesa RV, but didn’t find any thing this year.

We headed over to the Big Tent for the RV Show. We walked around the perimeter and then stopped for hot dogs. I finished the whole show in about 30 minutes, but Cathy was just getting started.

Entrance to Quartzsite RV Show

I left her and went to Beer Belly’s Adult Day Care. The beer is inexpensive, $3.00 for a large glass of draft beer.

Beer Belly's

The entertainment was good.

Beer Belly's Entertainment

I left Beer Belly’s and checked out some of the vendors at Tyson’s Wells. Got an email from Jerry. He and Diane are camped at last years WIT spot. Cathy met up with me and we headed home.

Got to the motor home and picked up Joy and went to have dinner with Patrick and Janet. They are here with 4 other couples from Oklahoma. They are killing time waiting to go on the Winnebago Adventures trip to Puerto Penabsco, Mexico. We had great chili and enjoyed sitting around the camp fire. Joy enjoyed herself and was well behaved.

Had to find our way home across un marked desert, but made it back to the motor home. Surprisingly, the hardest part was when we got near the motor home.

Wednesday January 21, 2015 Quartzsite at Last

I got up early and started preparing to go to Quartzsite. Dumped and cleaned the holding tanks, filled the water tank, filled the drinking water bottles, filled extra containers to flush toilet. Emptied all the garbage. Cathy and I both went to take showers at 11:00AM. About 11:45AM someone came by to ask us to leave as soon as possible, as someone wanted the spot. Unhooked the cable TV and power. Cathy pulled in the bedroom slide and I pulled in the living room slide and raised the jacks. We pulled out exactly at checkout time 12:00 Noon. There were two motor homes parked in the entrance/exit. Just to make it more challenging, the wife of the inner most motor home pulled their Jeep along side the motor home, further narrowing the exit.

Pulled out and headed for Parker. Took awhile to drive through Lake Havasu City, but were finally on our way. It was very windy out of the northwest. It seemed to be amplified by the many canyons we traversed.

When we got to Parker, we stopped at the Walmart. To my surprise, I found they had actually designated pull through RV parking in the lot. The store was very busy. On the way out we commented to the checker on how busy the store was and that it must do a large business even though it is a relatively small store. She said that she thinks they wished they had built it bigger. She said it is on tribal land and that the tribe spends about $250,000 in the store at Christmas.

Parker Walmart                  Parker Walmart

Parker Walmart RV Parking     Parker Walmart RV Parking

We got to Plamosa Road at 2:00PM. Pulled in to register, but they were closed. Passed the usual turn off and went to one with a flatter road so we wouldn’t bottom out with the Jeep.

Signs on Plamosa Road at Turn to Our Campsite    Signs at Turn Off to Our Campsite

Found a nice level spot with a fire ring and set up camp. After getting every thing ready, I finally tried the Jeep. Unhooked it, started it up and drove around seems to be fine.

Plamosa Road Campsite         Plamosa Road Campsite

Tuesday January 20, 2015 Mesquite to Lake Havasu City

We started the day with the breakfast buffet at the Eureka Casino Mason Street Cafe. They had chicken fried steak, bacon, sausage links, sausage patties, omelets, scrambled eggs, country fired potatoes, fruit, pan cakes, toast and even ice cream. Price is $6.99.

My Breakfast My Breakfast at Eureka Casino Buffet

On the way back to the motor home, we saw a group of ATV riders getting ready to go out for a ride. Most of the license plates were from Idaho. They were all our age.

ATV Riders           ATV Riders Gathering

We drove into Las Vegas. I pulled off to fuel up at Pilot, but there was no way to get into the gas pumps. Turned around in the truck area. The GPS took us 6 miles through town to US-95. We took it to Russel Road, then turned off and went east to Boulder Highway. Stopped at the Camping World in Henderson. Best Camping World I’ve ever been in. Shelves full, every thing in the catalog in the store. Bought a replacement faucet for the outside shower that is leaking. Also bought a couple of sewer adapters. I’ve been looking for a cap with four hooks instead of two or three, found one made by Valterra. Also bought a 3″ to garden hose adapter. The Jeeps tires were down, especially the passenger side rear. Got the service area to let me use an air hose to fill back up.

Henderson Camping World       Henderson Camping World

We left Henderson and headed down US-95 towards Needles, CA. We were looking for a place to fill with gas. Search Light, NV and Needles, CA were too expensive. In Needles we saw a sign for Pilot at the I-40 exit we were going to be taking to get to Lake Havasu City. The price was $2.04/gal. US-95 in California is like riding a roller coaster.

US-95      US-95 in California Near needles

We got to the AZ  9 Exit to AZ-95 and the Pilot Station. The price was $2.06/gal and the pumps were still hard to get to. Across the street was a Love’s. Gas was $2.07/gal, but they had RV Gas islands. Very nice, I will pay an extra penny per gallon any day to get RV islands. Also washed all the crud off the Jeep windows.

We drove on and got to the Havasu Falls RV Resort a little after 4:00PM. Very nice. We are in pull through number 18. I replaced the outside shower faucet and dumped the garbage in their trash compactor.

Watched the President’s State of the Union Address.


Monday January 19, 2015 Through Four States

This morning the wind was still 30 plus mph and gusting higher. If we waited for it to abate we would still be there. We left Rawlins at 9:00AM. We had a beautiful sunny day for driving through western Wyoming. A lot of steep grades. We went past Rock Springs, Green River, Little America, Kemmerer and Evanston.

Western Wyoming      Western Wyoming

We got to the Utah Welcome Center at about 12:30PM. I went in to get a Utah highway map and also got Nevada and Arizona.

Cathy & Joy at Utah Welcome CenterCathy and Joy at Utah Welcome Center

We stayed on I-80 until the turn to Heber City and Provo. The scenery here is extremely beautiful. We could see a lot of ski slopes. There is a large reservoir which was really pretty with the ice and snow.

Northern Utah       Northern Utah Heber Valley

We drove on I-15 through central Utah past Provo, Beaver, Cedar City and St George, across a northern tip of Arizona and Beaver Dam to Mesquite, NV.

We are parked behind the Eureka Hotel and Casino. We ate in the casino at the Mason Street Cafe. They serve breakfast all day. Cathy had an omelet and I had biscuits and gravy with sausage patties. It was very good and reasonable.

Parked at Eureka Hotel Parked for the night at Eureka Hotel

Sunday January 18, 2015 A Terrible Day

We started out early. Went to Flying J and filled with gas $1.82. As we were leaving the car beside us signaled to open our window. I did and he said the Jeep was making funny noises. I listened through the window and it was. Pulled over and moved the transfer case lever out of Neutral and back. Seemed to quit. Put it in 4 WD and it seemed to work.

Drove on to Casper, WY via Midwest, WY. It was windy, but a good road.

Highway North of Casper           Highway North of Casper

Got to Casper and the wind was gusting to 65 mph. Road sign warned of danger of roll over on WY-220 to Rawlins. Decided to park at Walmart and wait it out. Got the Packers Seahawk Game on TV, started the generator and watched the game. A gust broke the stop on the large slide topper. Watched the game and at 5:10PM decided to drive to Rawlins on WY-220. Wasn’t too bad, steady 20 to 30 mph wind, gusting to 40,  2 lane mountain road with lots of curves, ascending to 7,500 ft and dark. Got to Rawlins and started for Rock Springs. Almost got blown off the road. Stopped at Flying J and filled with gas $1.92. No parking places left, so went to Walmart in Rawlins. Very small Walmart with a small parking lot. there were two motor homes parked in the lot. A Class C and a new Class A. The slide topper on the Class A was ripped off.

Class A with Ripped Slide Topper   Class A with Ripped Slide Topper

Parked at Rawlins Walmart      Parked at Rawlins, WY Walmart

Went to start the generator to use microwave. It wouldn’t start, ran fine in Casper. Cathy made a salad for my dinner and isn’t having any thing herself. Can’t put out bedroom slide because of wind. Wind is forecast to be just as bad tomorrow.

January 17, 2015 Bismarck, ND to Gillette, WY

Warm in Bismarck this morning, 38F. My friend Gary and his wife Inez picked us up at 9:30AM and took us to breakfast at Perkins. Talked mostly about our various health issues.

Gary and Inez       Gary and Inez

I finally got hold of my sister Judy, her phone was on silent. We went up to see her and Cary and their new addition Meme. Joy played with another of Judy’s Dachshunds, Money and Meme, but didn’t have  time to really get into playing.

Meme                    Meme

We left Judy’s at 12:30PM and headed west against WNW winds of 35 to 45 mph, gusting to over 50 mph. We stopped at the Freeway 147 Travel Center just west of Mandan. They have a Flying J sign, but it only pertains to the diesel truck side. I didn’t get a gas discount, but he gave me a free cup of coffee. Payed $1.99/gal.

On the way west to US-85 we passed the Enchanted Highway “Flight of Birds” sculpture. It is the largest free standing metal sculpture in the world.

Flight of Birds        Flight of Birds Sculpture

We turned on to US-85 at Belfield. We caught the Slope County  Deputy sleeping in his car.

Slope County Sheriff's Car in Amidon Slope County Sheriff’s Car in Amidon

We stayed on US-85 until Spearfish and then headed west into Wyoming past Sundance to Gillette, WY. We got to the Walmart in Gillette at 7:40PM Mountain Time. There was already another North Dakota motor home parked there. We parked and noticed a Dicky’s BBQ right beside us. Walked over and got two Saturday Specials, beef brisket with two sides and drink for $8.99 each. We will each get another meal out of it.

Gillette Walmart           Parked at Gillette Walmart

We Finally Got on the Road

At 5:30PM we finally got going. We had a strong east wind and slightly slippery road on I-29. When we got to I-94, the wind shifter to the south and the road continued slippery.

Hooked Up and Ready to Go  Hooked Up & Ready to Go

A couple of miles east of Sterling, the towed vehicle lights on the Jeep started flashing. Stopped at Sterling and found theat the cable had dropped down to the highway. Spliced it and got on our way.

We finally got to the Bismarck Rock Island Place Walmart at 10:45PM. Cathy made us salads. After eating I went into Walmart to get a few things. One of the things we needed was small paper bowls. They didn’t have any and looked like they never do.  Finally getting ready for bed at 12:40AM.

Rock Island Pl Walmart Bismarck   Parked at Rock Island Pl. Walmart