Wednesday 4-14-21 Found the Fuse Culprit

Still in the 90’s today. 93F and stronger wind.

Usual coffee and toasted bagel with cinnamon sugar.

Watched GMA and Fox News.

Took Joy to the Dog Park to play ball. Made relatively short tosses.

Went back to motorhome and started looking for the bad fuse. Finally found it

Watched some YouTube videos.

Texted Midco about changing to Internet 200, which doubles download and upload at home in Buxton. My AirTV upload was buffering continuously with the 10Mbs upload speed. Cost is $10/mo more.

Started preparing dinner by making marinade for shrimp. Got it made and put the marinade and shrimp in a bag and put it in the shed refrigerator.

Got out Romaine Lettuce, Peppers, Green Onions, Kale and Mushrooms for salad.

Washed and prepped the Asparagus and Squash for grilling.

Watched the news on WDAY . No buffering.

Started warming up the grill.

Made the salads.

Watched Wheel of Fortune.

Put the Squash and Asparagus on the grill.

Started boiling water for Brown Rice.

Put the Shrimp on the grill.

Brought in the grilled vegetables and shrimp

Set the table and dished up finner

Cathy took Joy for a long walk. She saw several people. Some were watching a movie in the clubhouse.

Watched Fox News and YouTube videos.

Tuesday 4-13-21 Try to Track Down Fuse for Jacks

Clear 95F and windy today.

Coffee and bagel with orange marmalade for breakfast.

Watched GMA, The Doctors and some YouTube videos.

Downloaded all the electrical diagrams for the motorhome. Couldn’t find the fuse I am looking for.

Called Winnebago, didn’t learn anything.

Cathy went to Clubhouse to take a shower. The woman at the desk gave her some flowers

I went to Walmart to get a Filter for the Basement AC. Picked up a couple bottles of Oak Leaf wine also.

Changed the Filter which is under the bed

There is a lift out

Cathy took Joy for a walk

Grilled Pork Chops and Squash a Potato in the Microwave and a Romaine Salad

Watched Pooch Pro and 2 episodes of Big Sky

Monday 4-12-21 Order Comes in at Bed Bath & Beyond

Another hot day. 95F, Clear South Wind at 8mph.

Made coffee and toasted a bagel. Put butter and orange marmalade on it.

Got a call that my order was in at Bed, Bath and Beyond.

Watched TV and a couple of YouTube videos.

Went into town to pick up my order at Bed, Bath and Beyond

It was a Dash Hot Pot

I use them for pasta, rice and just heating water.

Went next door to Ross Dress for Less

I wanted some more of the French Lemonade. Unfortunately, they didn’t have anything left. We did pick up a container to put dog poop bags in.

Stopped at the Dollar Tree in the Promenade Shopping Center

Got some 1 liter bottles of Arizona Tea and a few other things.

Stopped at Walmart for a dog bowl to put water in outside and a thermometer for the shed.

Made Angel Hair Spaghetti with Grilled Cauliflower and Hunt’s Pasta Sauce from Dollar Tree.

Took the garbage down to dumpsters and filled the water bottles. While down there picked ip the mail.

Sunday 4-11-21 TV and Shopping at Fry’s

Overcast most of the day and 93F. Slight breeze from the south.

Coffee and bagel for breakfast.

Watched Leave Everything and Wander YouTube. I recommend watching it. It is a tour of Cinque Terre, very beautiful.

Watched several other YouTube videos.

Took Joy to the Dog Park

We played ball with just some shorter tosses.

Watched the NASCAR Martinsville, VA race.

Left to go to Fry’s Marketplace on Pinal after second stage.

We went to this Fry’s to see if they had the other style chair in the ad.

They did, so bought 2.

There was an ACE Hardware next door

I went in to see if they had the cable staples I need. They only had them in white.

Went to 99 cent Only for produce. Got Squash, Peppers and Cauliflower.

Got back to motorhome just as the race was ending. Martin Truax won. He has won 3 of the last 4 races at Martinsville.

Grilled Brats and Vegetables

Had the Brats on Bolillo Buns

Watched TV including a new The Rookie.

Saturday 4-10-21 Clean Up and Cook Outside

Another hot day, 99F, clear and slight Breeze.

Made the usual breakfast, coffee and toasted bagel.

Watched Fox News and YouTube videos.

Collected all the cardboard and packing from Refrigerator and other purchases

Took it down to the dumpster and disposed of it. I also had an Amazon package delivered today. Picked it up and checked the mail. No mail.

Couldn’t find the cable staples I bought yesterday at Home Depot.

Joy seems to have a paw problem, so didn’t play ball today.

Unloaded and set up the Camp Chef Stove

Grilled Sirloin Tip and Asparagus.

Made baked potatoes in the microwave. Added Coleslaw

and a fine wine

Watched the Nascar Martinsville, VA race until it ended due to rain. Will be on tomorrow afternoon. Watched Columbo and Saturday Night Live.

Friday 4-9-21 Time to Empty and Fill Tanks

It was 96F with clear skies and no wind.

The usual coffee and bagels for breakfast.

After catching up on world affairs on TV and Internet got to work.

Got out the gloves my friend Alan gave me

Then opened up the box covering the water faucets

I have an assortment of tools to help dump the Black and Gray Water Tanks. Needed this one to open sewer plug

Then dumped the Black Water and the Gray Water Tanks

Then rinsed and stowed the hose and tools.

Opened the Water Gravity Port that Scott in Bullhead City fixed for me and filled the Fresh Water Tank. I have decided not to hook up the sewer and city water.

Watched some TV and made a list of things to pick up in Casa Grande.

Cathy called and made reservations to park the motorhome at the Elks Club RV Park in Monterey. We will check in April 25 for two weeks.

Went into Casa Grande. Stopped first at 99 cent Only for vegetables. Got 3 English Cucumbers for $1.99

a bag of Persian Cucumbers for 99 cents

also got a bag of 3 Romaine Lettuce Hearts for $1.99

Went to Walmart for milk, wine, taco sauce and ice cream

Stopped at Home Depot for a ladder I needed to work on shed and the motorhome. It is a 5.5 ft Gorilla Two Platform Step Ladder

Stopped at Harbor Freight to pick up a couple things on the Spring Black Friday Sale.

Then stopped at Fry’s to pick up a couple chairs

Made Chicken Tostadas for dinner

Watched Gegg Gutfeld and Blue Bloods

At 11:00PM went over to the clubhouse and took a shower. One quarter was all I needed.

Noticed nobody was in Dry Camping.

We have a neighbor in an Airstream in the lot east of us. It was parked there this morning and hooked up to utilities, but nobody has been there yet. The air conditioner has been on all day.

Thursday 4-8-21 Stayed at Rover’s Roost All Day

Another nice day. Clear and 93F.

Got up and made coffee and toasted a bagel.

Cathy took Joy for a walk.

Ordered a Fuel Pump for the motorhome generator.

Watched TV.

Took Joy to Dog Park to play ball.

The Dog Park is also a Driving Range

Had some French Lemonade I bought at Ross Dress for Less

Installed a new LED Shop Light in the shed.

Installed an LED Solar Security Light on the shed

Called my sister Julie who had an appointment with her oncologist to plan her Chemotherapy and Radiation for Breast Cancer. She will have almost 6 months of treatment.

Had Chili and Romaine & Arugala with Mushrooms Salad for Dinner

Took the empty water bottles and garbage down to the Club House.

Filled the Water Bottles

Decided to check out the shower

The shower is decent

Went back to motorhome and watched the new TV show “Rebel” with Katie Segal

The Motion Activated Security Light works well

Wednesday 4-7-21 Shopping

Another nice day. Made coffee and toasted a bagel.

Watched the Doctors on TV, haven’t seen it in a couple years.

Took Joy to the Dog Park Area it is at the eastern end of our street

there is a gate on the north wall

There are balls and tossers to use

Joy played hard

We decided to get a few things for the shed. A ceiling light, a trash container and some storage totes.

I wanted to get a Dash Electric Pot from Bed Bath and Beyond. I picked one up in Yuma last year. I left it at home and miss it

On the WEB site it was in stock at the Casa Grande store. Actually none in stock, but I ordered it. It should be in next Monday. The store is in the Promenade at Casa Grande Shopping Center

It is a nice shopping center. Stopped at Ross Dress for Less next door and bought some Chocolate Creme Filled Sticks and Wooden Spoons.

Stopped at Walmart

Got some Storage Totes, Trash Bin and Screw Eyes. I need the Screw Eyes for a Tie Out for Joy.

Stopped at Harbor Freight

Got a 4′ LED Shop Light for the shed.

Noticed Fry’s had the lowest price for Diesel, so stopped there

Filled for $2.899 gal

Went back to Rover’s Roost. Unloaded things and installed Screw Eye. Had to screw into door frame. The walls are covered in cement.

We weren’t too hungry so just had salad and beer

Tuesday 4-6-21 Getting Things Going

Got up and made coffee and toasted a bagel.

Cathy took Joy for a walk

Unloaded the Equinox into the shed.

We headed into town. Stopped first at 99 cent Only.

They have great produce for 99 cents




We then went to Walmart and got a Hisense 3.3 cubic ft refrigerator

and 805 Beer

We had to get back to motorhome because Cathy had a Video Appointment with David and his psychologist.

I unboxed the refrigerator in the shed. It needed to be upright for 2 hrs before plugging in

I hauled a lot of things out of the motorhome to the shed.

Finally plugged the refrigerator in. It is very quiet and cooled off fast.

Put some vegetables, water, beer and iced tea in the refrigerator.

Made Mac & Cheese with Steak from Foundation Room in Las Vegas and a Romaine & Mushroom Salad

Finally have motorhome in place and everything setup with slides out.

We have fast Internet from both Verizon Wireless and AT&T. We have 92 OTA TV Channels and Local ND Channels from our antenna in Buxton on Sling.

Monday 4-5-21 First Day on Our Leased Lot at Rover’s Roost

Got up and made coffee and a bagel.

Took Joy to the Dog Park

This one was pure desert

So went to the one behind where we parked

it was a lot nicer

Got the motorhome ready to go and brought the Tow Bar into the motorhome.

Took off for Rover’s Roost with Cathy driving behind in the Equinox. Drove back to I-10 and then to I-8. Turned off at Montgomery Drive and then into Rover’s Roost

Checked in with Jan and Mike. Mike led us to Lot 83 and helped us park

Checked out our shed

It has a counter and some shelves

It has electricity and water and sewer were run to it.

It was 93F outside and 89F in the motorhome.

Moved some things into the shed.

I heated up the Spaghetti & Meatballs from Lupo’s and finished them off for lunch.

We decided we need a small refrigerator for the shed. We went to Walmart and found a nice Hisense 3.3 cubic foot refrigerator for $139. Not enough room in Equinox until I take some things out. Will pick one up tomorrow.

Stopped at Big Lots on way home. Found several things we will go back for

Had Michelina’s frozen entrees and Romaine salad for dinner