Monday 2-24-20 Why to Tucson

Another perfect clear day. Overnight low in Why was 52F. The high in Tucson today was 66F.

We left our camp at Gunsite Wash at 11:20AM

We went east through the Hohokam O’odam reservation on AZ-86.

We passed several schools. We stopped in Sells, about half way, for a break

We passed Snyder Hill, the free BLM site on the outskirts of Tucson. We had decided to spend a couple of luxurious days at the Pima County Fairgrounds SE of Tucson where Jerry and Lupita are staying.

We got to the Fairgrounds at 3:20PM and checked in at the office

We got site 138 and Donna got site 136 next to us.

I got everything set up and called Jerry. He was replacing the guts of his water inlet valve. I drove over to their site.

He offered me a beer and we sat and talked. They are on their way to Escapees Headquarters in Livingston, TX. They are changing their domicile from California to Texas. They are leaving in the morning.

Cathy called and said dinner was ready at Donna’s. We had her beef soup, coleslaw and potato salad. All really good.

There is a Walmart about 3 miles away. Donna drove us to the Walmart. Cathy & I ordered prescription refills. Hopefully they will be ready tomorrow.

Bought bottled water, English muffins, coleslaw and a portable CD player. The motorhome dash radio is broken, so hopefully we can play books on CD through a Bluetooth speaker.

Watched Bull and Jimmy Kimmel.

Sunday 2-23-20 Sonoyta, Sonora, Mex and Organ Pipe

Clear again this morning, overnight low 51F and high today was 67F. Light wind. Started clouding up in the afternoon.Left Gunsite Wash at 11:00AM. Drove to Lukeville on the border. Sonoyta is 2.7 mi from the border, so a long walk. A park ranger stopped in the parking lotTalked to him about getting to Sonoyta. He suggested we drive. We also talked to him about his job, the wall and illegals and danger locally. He said he normally works in Glacier Park, but came here for the winter. He also has worked in Zion Park. He was heavily armed. A park ranger was killed in Organ Pipe National Monument 20 years ago. There are about 500 Border Patrol Agents here.Went into the gastrak station and bought Sanborn’s Mexico Auto Insurance. $35 for full coverage for 1 day.Drove across border and into SonoytaWe stopped at the first reputable pharmacy so Donna could get some drugsThe San Luis pharmacy didn’t have one drug she wanted, so we went to La Plaza Drug Store. They didn’t have it either. She also wanted Vanilla in a large bottle that neither had. A customer in the store said to try Vasquez LiquorIt was a very large store established in the 1930’s during prohibition. The clerk, Jesus, went to school in Ajo and spoke English without an accent. I talked to him about Tequila. He said he liked Jim Beam. He suggested 30-30 Tequila. There were two Lab type dogs belonging to the store owner. They had matching easy chairs.The store had many sectionsandandplus a furniture section. I bought the 30-30 TequilaWe drove back to Lukeville and ate at the gastrak Restaurant.We then went to see the Gachado Line CampThere is a building and the remains of corralsThe wall is right next to ita ranger patrolling the border came along. I asked him about the gap. There is a wash there and the engineers are still figuring out what to do.There is a ranch on the other side of the wall and they were playing loud music

We headed north on AZ-85 and took the AjoMountain Drive, a 21 mile mostly dirt loopWe got close to the top of the mountainThere was a Pit Toilet about half wayIt was clean and convenientThe scenery was very niceDrove back to Gunsite Wash while listening to end of the NASCAR Cup Race from Las Vegas. Joey Logano won for the second year in a row.Jerry called from Gilbert Ray Campground west of Tucson. They were full and he couldn’t get in.Watched The Rookie

Saturday 2-22-20 Ajo Arizona

Our perfect days have finally ended. It started raining about 11:00PM last night and rained off and on during the morning. We got .48″ of rain. Overnight low was 66F and high today was 70F. It cleared off quite a bit in afternoon.At Noon we drove into Ajo. We went to the Chamber of Commerce Visitor Center. It is in the old Railroad Depot. The depot was built in 2014. It is at the East end of the PlazaThey have a lot of information for all of Arizona and AjoWe went from the Visitor Center via La Mina Street to the Mine LookoutThe New Cornelia Mine is 1 1/2 mile across and 1,100 ft deepThey have a museum with a lot of mine information and a docent that was a Millwright in the mine. His father moved the family from northern Arizona to Ajo in 1934.He is a historian and has written a history of AjoWe bought the book and took his pictureWe then went to the Ajo Museum in the Old Indian SchoolOne of the docents there was a former High School Teacher in Ajo. He bought a house from the copper company behind the Catholic church. He paid $18,000. We drove by, it is a nice house. He was very knowledgeable about civil rights that played a big roll in the 60’s. Until then there were big differences in living conditions and jobs between whites, Hispanics and Indians.We then headed to Family Dollar to look for Margarita glassesNext door was an appliance and electronics storeit also offers a lot of servicesWe then went back to the Plaza to check on Margarita glasses at the Three Nations MarketI got a cup of Red Eye Coffee at Oasis Coffee in the old theater building on the PlazaWe then decided to try Dollar GeneralNone there eitherWe headed to Why. Stopped at Why Not Travel CenterFilled the gas can for the Honda generator. They have a unique water featureStopped at the Rock Shop to check on nutsThey only had raw almonds and unsalted pistachiosGot back to Gunsite Wash and started dinner. Donna made a hamburger soup and crackers, cheese, meat and bread for sandwiches. We made sauteed asparagus with onions and ham.We had to use Old Fashion glasses for Margaritas. Seemed to work fine as we each had two.Watched Dateline on Sling TV

Friday 2-21-20 Gila Bend to Why

Another great day. Clear and warm. Overnight low was 61F in Gila Bend. High in Why was 73F. It is supposed to rain tonight after 11:00PM.

We left the Elks Club in Gila Bend about 10:00AM. Stopped at Circle K for gas

Headed south on AZ-85 to Ajo. We were going to stop at grocery store, but parking was crowded. Drove on to Why. Parked at Gunsite Wash 2 mi south of Why.

Got motorhomes set up

Headed to Organ Pipe National Monument

It is about 20 mi to the Visitor Center and a beautiful drive.

There was an Expedition Vehicle from Switzerland

A group of Koreans in a rental RV

and a motorhome from Great Britain

We drove back to Gunsite Wash and walked Joy.

We headed into Ajo and stopped at the Plaza

It was designed in the City Beautiful Movement

We then Stopped at Olsen’s IGA Super Market and Ace Hardware

We drove back to Why for dinner, but the restaurant was closed.

There was a food stand open

We got three Sonoran Hot Dogs and took them back to motorhomes for a sunset dinner

We watched Hawaii Five O and Blue Bloods

Talked to Alan. Wish Alan and Angela were here.

Thursday 2-20-20 We Leave Imperial Dam for Gila Bend

Another perfect Arizona day. Overnight low at Imperial Dam was 57F and high at Gila Bend 80F. Sunny and 8mph wind from NW.

Got up, ate breakfast and walked Joy to the dumpsters. Went over to say goodbye to Bill. On the way back I met Michael from Colorado. We talked about solar.

Got everything ready to move the motorhome

Drove over to the Christian Center and filled with propane

Our neighbor Penny filled just ahead of us

Filled the empty gallon water jug. Last visit to Christian Center this year

Went up to the Mesa and filled with water and dumped.

Went back to Quail Hill and hooked up the Equinox. Headed out with Donna following. Stopped at entrance to YPG to check everything

Went south on US-95 and turned east on to Dome Valley Road. Got on I-8 and headed east to Gila Bend.

Stopped at rest area about half way

Drove on to Gila Bend and the Elks Lodge where we are spending the night. 120 miles today.

Went into the Elks for a beer and dinner.

They weren’t serving food tonight

Talked to the couple from Washington in the fifth wheel behind us.

The bar tender is the Safety and Health Officer for Solana Energy, a huge solar power facility on west side of Gila Bend

Solana Energy Solar

Went to Space Age Restaurant for dinner

Very unique, I had Chicken Strips

They also have a bar

Went back to motorhomes and watched TV on Sling

Wednesday 2-19-20 Mittry Lake and Lin’s

Another perfect day. Overnight low 52F and high today 79F. Clear and gentle breeze.

Ate breakfast and walked Joy to the dumpsters.

Went over to Bill’s to help him with his Smart Phone. He is making progress. Set up his voice mail. He didn’t go to Yuma yesterday.

At 1:00PM went to post office in Bard. Parts from Amazon were there. Filled out form to start forwarding Bard mail to Buxton tomorrow.

When I got back, we left for Yuma via Mittry Lake

Mittry Lake is run by the Arizona Game and Fish Department, the Bureau of Reclamation and the Bureau of Land Management

They have added a lot of camping spots

There are a lot of birds

I don’t know what this bird is

Some ducks by the pier

Nice day use area

Some very nice fishing spots

We stopped at Yuma Palms. I went into Pet Smart to inquire about a dog for Bill to adopt.

He is looking for a Chocolate Chihuahua. They currently don’t have one. It would cost $40 to adopt an adult Chihuahua. It would be spayed/neutered, all shots and chip included.

Stopped in Ross Dress for Less and Beall’s Outlet

Cathy wanted to go to DD’s Discounts for some shirts for David

Went down 16th Street to DD’s Discounts

I went next door to Dollar Tree for Facial Tissues in cube boxes.

Went back on 16th Street to Lin’s Grand Buffet for dinner

It is a large Chinese Buffet with a Mongolian Grill

Several buffet lines

There was a Porsche Crossover parked near us

Nice looking car

Stopped at Baron’s for diesel

Headed back to Quail Hill. Donna’s solar didn’t charge most of the day after she ran the batteries down overnight. They hadn’t recovered much, so she started her generator and I put my Battery Charger on her batteries.

Watched the Democrat Debate and Stump Town.

Went up to Squaw Lake for a shower. You have to buy Tokens

This is the machine

Tuesday 2-18-20 Hidden Shores, Salamander and Q Casino

Another very nice day. Overnight low 51F and high today was 77F. Partly cloudy and breezy today.

After breakfast walked Joy to the dumpsters. On the way back we talked to people in Travel Trailer next to us. They are Tracy and Bruce and dog C.J. The dog is part Border Collie and part Kengal. They are from British Columbia. They hope to go to Tennessee before returning home.

Went to Christian Center for water.

Later in the afternoon Cathy and Donna wanted to check out Hidden Shores and Salamander RV parks.

We started at Hidden Shores, just across the river from us. We were too late, it can only be visited between 9:00AM and 4:00PM.

We went on to Salamander

It is about 4 mi west on the way to Bard. Reasonable at $17/night or $50/week. RV Dump is $8.

We went on to the Q Casino

Donna got a Players Club Card and $5 free play.

We ate Nathan’s Hot Dogs at the Gila Blend Food Court

Donna didn’t make any money with her $5 free play

Went back to Quail Hill and watched FBI and FBI Most Wanted.

Saw on Yuma TV Sports that a boy from Yuma signed with Valley City State football.

Since it was National Wine Day, I had a glass of wine while doing this.

Monday 2-17-20 NASCAR Daytona 500 Finish

Another perfect day, a little warmer. Overnight low 50F and high today 78F. Clear and no wind.

Ate breakfast and walked Joy over to the dumpsters. Reba was there. Reba’s neighbors stopped to drop off their trash. They were leaving for Quartzite because there aren’t any AT&T services here.

Installed Camco Screen Door Closer Springs. Instructions were terrible as we’re YouTube Videos. Found a good way to do it

Drove into Yuma. Stopped at Walmart for milk, cheese and chips. Picked up some additional screws at Wally World. Stopped at Harbor Freight for Hair Cutting Kit, cheaper than a haircut. Stopped at 99 Cent Only for lettuce and cookies. Walmart was out of printer paper, so got some at Staples.

Listened to Daytona 500 on Sirius XM. 19 car crash with 16 laps to go.

Stopped at post office in Bard, no mail. Another crash with 3 laps to go.

Got back to motorhome in time to watch race finish. Another crash at finish. Ryan Newman’s car went up in the air and landed on it’s top. Ryan went to the hospital in serious condition. Denny Hamlin won the race, his 3rd Daytona 500 win in five years including last year.

Made Chef’s Salads with Chicken Strips cooked in Air Fryer. Ate outside at sunset

Spent a couple hours showing Bill how to use his Smart Phone.

Watched YouTube videos

Sunday 2-16-20 NASCAR Daytona 500

Another perfect day, overnight low 50F and high 77F. Clear and no wind.

Had coffee and a bagel for breakfast.

Took Joy for a walk. We talked to Margaret and her husband Tom and dog Charlie. Margaret is originally from Baudet and went to Mount St Benedict High School in Crookston.

Met Robert and Jose from British Columbia and Grant from British Columbia.

Started watching the Daytona 500 with the Pre Race Show. Saw President Trump pace the lineup around the track.

Just as the race started I lost the TV signal. Luckily I could still watch it from Buxton thanks to my Air TV Duo and antenna on the garage and the Sling app on my phone. It started raining at lap 20 and the race was Red Flagged. Ended up postponing until 4:00PM EST Monday.

Reinstalled Donna’s original inverter to see if it really was defective. It was.

Cleaned up one of the crates in back of car.

Ate leftover Mexican Hot Dish for dinner.

Watched American Idol and NCIS New Orleans.

Sunday 2-15-20 YPG 2020

Another perfect day. Clear, warm and no wind. Overnight low 48F and high today 76F.

Had bagel and coffee for breakfast. Walked Joy over to dumpsters and then to Bill’s. Bill was over at John’s. John was working on his Jeep. He broke the suspension on a trail ride. Bill was holding John’s dog Rudy’s leash. Rudy was about Joy’s size and didn’t like her. Bill is looking for a Chihuahua. His dog Cody died three years ago. I told him what the man on Main Street said about Yuma’s Humane Society’s dog population. It’s about 1/2 Chihuahuas and 1/2 Pit Bulls. If you adopt an adult Chihuahua it is only $20. All the dogs at Pet Smart are Humane Society dogs.

Went to Donna’s motorhome and installed her inverter.

At Noon we went to YPG for YPG 2020. It is only a couple of miles. We had to park across from the Desert Breeze Travel Camp and walk through that entrance to Cox Field

Walked to Main Stage at south end of Cox Field. The Manhattan Dolls were on stage

They sang songs from the 40’s mostly

Walked around the field. There were food vendors

and lots of military equipment on display

and a play area for kids

went to the YPG Heritage Museum

there are a lot of things to see in it, like offices of the 50’s

and pictures of tests

They were selling a book about the history of YPG

Cathy purchased one

There was a new band on the Main Stage, THP Band, winner of Yuma 2019 Battle of the Bands

Cathy and I went to the Dog Pavilion for “Canine Stars” an all Rescue Dog show. One dog, Zach was from Winnipeg

Got a beer and went to Main Stage area. A new band, Side Hustle was on stage. They played Rock, Soul and Funk

Sat and waited for Grand Funk Railroad. They went on stage at 5:45PM

There was a large crowd watching

They played until sun down

Left YPG at 6:45PM and got back to Quail Hill in time to see some of the YPG fire works..

Watched The Rooky, NCIS New Orleans and Date Line